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31 déc. 2010 – La pianiste Hélène Jeanney puise avec une compréhensible gourmandise dans le magnifique Yamaha de concert une palette de nuances chatoyantes ...

Grace  a sa technique parfaite, son sens du phrase, et la complexite de sa palette sonore, Helene Jeanney nous a donne une interpretation magistrale du concerto l"Empereur" de Beethoven

France Amerique.NY


Helene Jeanney represents a modestly noble style of music making, winning the audience with her concentration of thoughts and emotions

Torun. Poland


Helene brings a heated atmosphere to the music, she is inclined to "squeeze" atmosphere from notes.

Peter Jacobi

Herald Times. Bloomington. IN


A beautiful rich sound, much passion, great sweep and impressive temperament

Robert Finn. The Plain Dealer. Cleveland


This is a sensitive musician with a wonderful tone and a command of the instrument that is altogether admirable.

Tim Page. NY


 Helene is an exceptionally talented pianist with outstanding abilities, solid musicianship, excellent technique and a very engaging personality.

Gaby Casadesus. Paris


Natural musicality, exceptional sens of phrazing, overall a wonderful artist

Henri Dutilleux. Paris

French Concert pianist and Piano teacher in New York & Manhattan

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