February 14th: Concert with the NY Philharmonic Ensemble, Merkin Hall. 3pm


March 20th; Concert at the Mezzro Classical salon.


April 18th: Concert with violinist Na Su for the "Cutting Edge Concerts New Music Festival".

Symphony Space, NYC.


May 1st: Elysium Chamber Music Concert at the DiMenna Center (Benzaquen Hall).


May 3rd: Concert at Columbia University with flutist Nicolas Duchamp.


May 12- 17: Concerts in Japan (Tokyo) with flutist Nicolas Duchamp.


June 12th: Piano Trio concert with violinist Gary Kosloski and cellist Qiang Tu. NYC


June 16th: Studio Recital, Concert Space located at Beethoven Piano.


June 19th:  "Elysium" Concert at Mohonk, NY


June 26: Concert at Mezzro Classical Salon with flutist Nicolas Duchamp.


July 23rd: Concert with Nicolas Duchamp at the Ecole Normale de Paris.


Sept 4th: Concert at the American Cathedral in Paris with cellist Louise Dubin


October 11th: Concert in Durham, NC with flutist Nicolas Duchamp


November 19th: Concert at the Washington Square Festival, NYC


November 20th: Elysium Concert at the Mezzro Classical Salon.





 February 26th: Concert with the NY Philharmonic  Chamber Ensemble at Merkin Hall, NY


March 5th: Faculty Recital with cellist Peter Seidenberg at the Greenville Community Church in Scarsdale, NY.


March 8th: Chamber Music Concert with violinist Monica Bauchwitz, at the Lehman College Art Gallery.


March 26th: Concert at the Mezzro Classical Salon. NYC


March 27th: Concert at the Hudson Valley Music Club with cellist Peter Seidenberg.


March 31st: Concert at St Peter's Church, Lexington Ave, NYC,  with Javier Oviedo, Saxophone and Nicolas Duchamp, flute.


May 5th: Concert with soprano Jenny Hayden, at the Greenville Community Church, Scarsdale, 


May7th: Concert at  "Epiphany Arts " : "Japan France USA"  (Church of the Epiphany, NY)


May 20th: Concerts at the Festival  International de Violoncelle de Beauvais, France with cellist Philippe Muller.


June 9th and 11th: Concerts in Vermont  with tenor Robert White, cellist Peter Seidenberg and violinist April Johnson for the "New York Chamber Soloists "presented by Melvin kaplan . 


June 19th: Concert  with "Elysium Chamber Music" in Mohonk, NY


June 21st: Studio Recital at Faust Harrison Pianos, 207 West 58th St, NY. 7pm


July 14th : Concert in Vermont with cellist Peter Seidenberg and April Johnson for the "New York Chamber Soloists" presented by Melvin Kaplan.


October 5th: "Concert in the Heights at the Lehman Art Gallery" with Monica Bauchwitz, Karl Kramer and Ariadne Greif.


October 8th: Concert at Hudson View Gardens with flutist Joe Piscitelli and cellist Finckel.


October 29th: Concert with Flutist Abbe Krieger and the PentaWinds Ensemble at the Roerich Museum. 


November 19th: "Elysium" Chamber Music Concert at Mezzro Classical Salon. NYC. 5pm


November 23 to 28th: Concerts in Paris and Bordeaux with flutist Nicolas Duchamp.




February 9th: Faculty Concert at Hoff Barthelson School of Music with pianists Gerald Robbins and Benita Meshulam, violinist Gary Kosloski and cellist Peter Seidenberg. 


February 21st: Concert at the "Century Club" in Manhattan with members of the New York Philharmonic.


March 9th: Faculty Concert at Hoff Barthelson School of Music with  flutist Joe Piscitelli and cellist Mike Finckel.


March 14th: Faculty Concert  at Hoff Barthelson School of Music with cellist Peter Seidenberg. 


March 25th: Chamber Music Concert at Mezzro Classical Salon, NY.


May 6th: Recital with Nicolas Duchamp, Flute at Trinity reformed Church, Ridgewood, NY(3pm)


May 18th: Debussy Recital at the Westchester Art Center (Alliance Française) in White Plains, NY. 


May 23rd: Master Class in Ho Chi Minh City Conservatory, Vietnam

May 24th: Concert at IDECAF, Ho Chi Minh City.

May 26th: Concert at the "Espace" of the Institut Français in Hanoi.

May 28: Master Class at the Erato School of Music, Hanoi


May 31st, Concert in Nanning, China in collaboration with flutist Nicolas Duchamp.



June 9th: Concert at SUNY Purchase with the Hoff Barthelson's Festival Orchestra.

(Mozart Concerto in C minor, K491)


July 21st: Concert at "la Cite des Arts" in Paris with flutist Nicolas Duchamp.


September 30th: Recital at the National Opera Center, NYC. (3pm) with flutist Nicolas Duchamp.



French Concert pianist and Piano teacher in New York & Manhattan

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